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serves 2-39.00serves 4-5 15.00Serves 1020.00
Serves 8-1025.00
Two dozen 24.50
serves 20-2535.50
Serves 2-3 14.99serves 4-524.99Serves 8-1245.00
Serves 2-315.50serves 4-5 28.50Serves 8-1255.00
serves 2-314.99serves 4-5 24.99serves 8-1245.00
Serves 2-3 15.50Serves 4-528.50Serves 8-1046.99
Serves 10 Market Price
Serves 2-310.00Serves 3-415.00Serves 8-1025.50
serves 27.50serves 3-412.00serves 8-1022.00
Serves 27.99serves 3-412.50serves 8-1021.00
Serves 622.00serves 12 37.50
sheet cake27.50three layer cake45.00
serves 6-820.00
sheet cake 27.50three layer cake 45.00
Cranberry Turkey Spirals available throughout the holidays! Two dozen with cranberry relish 20.00
serves 2-3 9.50serves 4-513.99serves 8-1022.99
serves 3-48.50serves 5-614.50serves 10-1224.50
serves 3-49.00serves 5-614.50serves 10-1222.50
Devlied Eggs always available. 6.50 a dozen or 7.50 a dozen for specialty flavors
Prices do not include tax.
serves 3-4 8.00serves 5-612.00serves 10-1220.00
Bacon Wrapped Breadsticks or Texas Firecrackers three dozen for 25.00
Approximately 50 cookies 34.99
Dozen 16.99Half Dozen 8.49